This is my second one-man show, based on my stand-up comedy routine and my experiences growing up gay in a Latino family. You Are Confused! explores the universe of a boy becoming a man, battling the stereotypes and views of his society and his relationship with a very special woman.

The work is in constant progress to keep up with the changes  affecting the LGBT and Latino communities and it’s presented in a mixture of English and Spanish to bring together the two worlds of the main character. Written by Patrick E. Horrigan and me, and directed by Rosalie Purvis, "You Are Confused!" is a coming-of-age story with a twist. I play Yoel, a hyper-active kid with a passion for boy bands, soap operas, fashion shows, action heroes, and Olympic athletes. But his greatest role model, and his toughest critic, is his mother. Fiercely devoted to her son, she is also blind to his gifts and his burgeoning sexuality.


"You Are Confused!" takes you on a fast-moving trip through Yoel's childhood in Caracas to his young-adulthood in New York as he battles the bullies within and the bullies out there in the world.

Come see Yoel, his mother, all his heroes, and much more in this one-man show about the role models we're given, and the ones we choose, to help us become the person we were born to be.